U13 National Championship




• For players born in 2009 or later

Pool A – Trakiya Region

• The first two teams qualifies for the semifinals in the Trakiya Region
• The third ends his participation

Schedule / Results

DateTimeRoundTeam 1Team 2Venue, CityResult 
2022-05-2410:001Maritza PlovdivHebar PazardzhikVasil Levski Sports School, Plovdiv2-025-17, 25-16
2022-05-2411:002Hebar PazardzhikMaritza BelovoVasil Levski Sports School, Plovdiv2-025-21, 25-15
2022-05-2412:003Maritza PlovdivMaritza BelovoVasil Levski Sports School, Plovdiv2-025-0, 25-0

Zonal Finals – Trakiya Region

• The first three teams qualify for the national finals
• The fourth drop out

Schedule / Results

DateTimeRoundTeam 1Team 2Venue, CityResult 
2022-06-1210:301Rodopa SmolyanMaritza PlovdivHebar, Pazardzhik0-28-25, 16-25
2022-06-1211:302Hebar PazardzhikRodopa SmolyanHebar, Pazardzhik0-212-25, 15-25
2022-06-1212:303Hebar PazardzhikTopolovoHebar, Pazardzhik0-218-25, 16-25
2022-06-1213:304TopolovoMaritza PlovdivHebar, Pazardzhik2-025-20, 27-25

National Finals – Pool A

• The 18 participating teams are split into three pools of six; Maritza Plovdiv is in Pool A
• Pool winners and pool runners-up qualify for the six-team round-robin Super Final

Schedule / Results

DateTimeRoundTeam 1Team 2Venue, CityResult 
2022-06-2409:301Beroe Stara ZagoraLubo Ganev RuseIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2410:301Lokomotiv 1929 NIDO SofiaTroyan VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2411:301Minyor PernikMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-212-25, 19-25
2022-06-2415:302Beroe Stara ZagoraLokomotiv 1929 NIDO SofiaIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2416:302Troyan VolleyMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-216-25, 2-25
2022-06-2417:302Lubo Ganev RuseMinyor PernikIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2509:303Minyor PernikTroyan VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2510:303Beroe Stara ZagoraMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-222-25, 23-25
2022-06-2511:303Lokomotiv 1929 NIDO SofiaLubo Ganev RuseIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2515:304Beroe Stara ZagoraMinyor PernikIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2516:304Lubo Ganev RuseTroyan VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2517:304Lokomotiv 1929 NIDO SofiaMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-218-25, 22-25
2022-06-2609:305Lubo Ganev RuseMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-215-25, 15-25
2022-06-2610:305Lokomotiv 1929 NIDO SofiaMinyor PernikIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora
2022-06-2611:305Beroe Stara ZagoraTroyan VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora

Super Final

• The six participating teams play a single round robin tournament to determine the final standings in the National Championship.

Schedule / Results

DateTimeRoundTeam 1Team 2Venue, CityResult
2022-06-2709:30FLevski SofiaMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-12, 25-17
2022-06-2710:30FBeroe Stara ZagoraTopolovoIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-20, 25-11
2022-06-2711:30FCPVK SofiaKazanlak VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-17, 25-9
2022-06-2715:30FBeroe Stara ZagoraMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-222-25, 23-25
2022-06-2716:30FTopolovoCPVK SofiaIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-212-25, 16-25
2022-06-2717:30FLevski SofiaKazanlak VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-12, 25-15
2022-06-2809:30FKazanlak VolleyTopolovoIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-214-25, 14-25
2022-06-2810:30FCPVK SofiaMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-18, 25-15
2022-06-2811:30FBeroe Stara ZagoraLevski SofiaIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-218-25, 18-25
2022-06-2815:30FKazanlak VolleyMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-214-25, 19-25
2022-06-2816:30FLevski SofiaTopolovoIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-219-25, 24-26
2022-06-2817:30FBeroe Stara ZagoraCPVK SofiaIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-212-25, 6-25
2022-06-2909:30FCPVK SofiaLevski SofiaIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-8, 25-11
2022-06-2910:30FBeroe Stara ZagoraKazanlak VolleyIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora2-025-13, 25-15
2022-06-2911:30FTopolovoMaritza PlovdivIvan Vazov, Stara Zagora0-220-25, 24-26