Iliya Dinkov was born on March 23, 1965 in Septemvri, Pazardzhik oblast. His mother was an accountant and his father – a warehouse manager. He has two older sisters.

Until 1976 he studied at the Hristo Botev school in Septemvri. After completing fifth grade, he moved to the Georgi Benkovski sports school in Pazardzhik with volleyball as his major discipline and graduated with his high-school diploma in 1983.

After serving in the military, he played as an outside hitter / receiver in the men’s volleyball team of Hebar Pazardzhik until 1987.

From 1987 to 1992 he took his university degree in Economic Geography at the Sofia University Kliment Ohridski, where he was captain of the volleyball team.

Since his graduation in 1992 to date he has been a partner and commercial director at Intercomplex in Plovdiv.

In 2009 Intercomplex started supporting VC Maritza Plovdiv and later on Iliya Dinkov became president of the club to set off a new era of growth, during which Maritza has won its first national titles and cups in women’s volleyball.

In addition to his work with the volleyball club, Iliya Dinkov offers his patronage in a variety of cultural and sports fields and takes special pride in sponsoring the successful Bulgarian rally pilot Lyuben Kamenov. He is also strongly engaged in philanthropic and fraternal activities.

Iliya Dinkov is married, father of two.