Maritza celebrates Champions League pool stage with brand new site

On the eve of its historic participation as the first Bulgarian team in the pool stage of the women’s Champions League, VC Maritza Plovdiv released its new official website!

It replaces the popular old site at the same domain – – but will offer a lot more comprehensive and systematized information about the club, its teams, the competitions they participate in, and everything else VC Maritza wants to share with its fans and the general public – both in Bulgaria and internationally, since the new site is bilingual.

All information, with the exception of some news items, is presented to the readers in two languages – Bulgarian and English. The current news will continue to constitute the main part of the information stream, but now the users will be able to filter and search.

The new Competitions section is particularly valuable. It will offer up-to-date information about the format, the schedule, the results and the standings in all championships and tournaments, in which Maritza’s women’s and youth teams take part. In addition to its modern vision, the new will move forward with the edge of contemporary trends with symbiotic co-existence with the club’s social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The users will conveniently find links to live streams on Maritza’s video channel right there on the website’s home page, alongside the link to a live score feed by the club’s official statisticians.

The new website was developed internally, by the club’s press officer Nikolay Markov and the IT specialist Vladimir Karakashkov.

“Our club has reached high international levels in many other aspects, so getting there on the website front as well was long overdue,” said Niki Markov upon the release of the new “For various reasons, not always depending on us, we have been pushing this change in time, but now we are happy. Vlado and I have been working on this website for about a year now, but we did not want to rush the release. We wanted to make sure that the fans would be really satisfied when they saw it for the first time. I hope we have achieved this; I hope will indeed be a useful and pleasant experience for all of its users. For sure, the work continues, because we have a lot more to input, e.g. bio data about the club’s coaching staff and all the players on the women’s team, statistics and so on… What’s most important, however, is that the site is now online, so I wish all volleyball and beach volleyball friends many happy moments with it!”